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YIKES: Liz Taylor and Ed McMahan

 id=Tell the truth, wouldn’t you like to smash Liz? OK, she is really old but can I ask why they are still running that commercial for her perfume White Diamonds from 1991. Old girl is smiling tho, she is dating a black dude. You know your sh… must be on point when you are old and crunched up in a wheelchair and you can STILL get play. Liz was pure FIRE in her day and even as late as the early 90s. Now look at Ed’s old ass… Johnny is probably rolling over in his grave. The 80 something year old is playing a gangsta rapper in a new Free Credit Report.com commercial. Name on high, give me strenf… I guess he has to keep his house someway and isn’t Gary Coleman doing some type of commercial like this too after selling his draws on ebay. (YIKES)