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WZZA’s Tori Bailey Talks about Tornado Relief Efforts

 width=WZZA radio is working with continuing local recovery efforts to get information out to our listeners about how they can receive assistance, or how they can help. Many people lost their homes, businesses, and some lost their loved ones, but tornado relief efforts are in place here in northwest Alabama. At WZZA, we are still telling our listeners to places where they can find or donate items like bottled water, food, batteries, flashlights, tarps, , hand sanitizer, baby and adult diapers, etc.

Local businesses, organizations, and churches are collecting and making deliveries. Banks have set up accounts for donations. Hundley Batts, owner of WEUP Radio in Huntsville, told me he was grilling hotdogs and providing to those in need. He was also kind enough to host a mobile ATM and internet access provided by BB&T bank. Carol Hector-Harris, Public Affairs Officer for , dropped by to update our listeners about their registration line. Those who have suffered losses of any kind, especially those without insurance, can call 800-621-(3362) to register.

The station itself was blessed to weather the storm with minimal loss. The “W” is missing from the WZZA call sign on the front of the building, and we lost cable and internet for a day or so, but we partnered with local television stations to provide updates. Several of our listeners called in to tell us where streets were blocked by downed trees or flash flooding. I drove around the area and called in from different cities within our listening area so that we could direct our listeners and our many callers to where they could find gas, generators, batteries, auto adaptors (for laptops and phones for those who experienced long term power outages), and other resources.

My mom lost power and stayed with me. My aunt brought the food out of her refrigerator since she had no power. It has been quite a challenge. Our goal now is to make sure everyone knows where they can go for continued support. Please continue to pray for the people in our area. Peace and love ya’ll.

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