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WWBA’s Resident Racist Idiot DJ Mark Larsen did WHAT?


This is the MOST publicity non existant WWBA in Tampa will ever get nationally.

This fool is actually trying to defend racial comments & wearing blackface? Tampa’s WWBA- (820), relatively unknown station’s morning talk host Mark Larsen is actually trying to defend the events that opened his Wednesday morning show. While talking with the station’s News Director Roger Schulman, Larsen was wearing blackface makeup in the studio, which has a webcam, and according to the St. said, “This gives me that feel.” The pu..y then asked Schulman “Are you sure this comes off? Because I don’t feel like running for President,” of course referring to President-elect . The station has not taken any action against Larsen or Schulman and Larsen told the newspaper, “I wasn’t making fun of black people.” Larsen said last year he would wear blackface if Obama won the election. This story makes me want to take a sh… but then I realized how unimportant this station is to the country so I just need to post this and move on.

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