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WRNB Philly Terminates Staff


RFFocus has learned that ’s has blown out many of the staff yesterday. The website is telling listeners there will be something new on Monday at 5pm.   Two women managed to stay on, Lady B will continue with her drive time shift and legend will remain. No word on PD Elroy Smith or any management but we will keep you posted as we learn more. Ironically, this means yet ANOTHER RFFocus prediction has come true in just a week.


  1. Be advised. I live in Chicago. Elroy Smith is notorious for these types of April Fools pranks. We began to look at the date when things like this happened. He has been known to pull this. Swap signals with white stations, threaten to go computer only. I wouldn’t believe this one until April 2nd. Not saying RFFocus is wrong but this sounds like stuff Elroy has done in the past.

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