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WOW: NEW Voter Responses Top 45 DJs Just 5 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE

DJ" src="https://rffocus.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Radio-.gif" alt=" width="178" height="217" />Prolifik/Kiss 95.7- Hartford, CT
…good luck Prolifik!

Kenya Cabine/WEAS- Savannah,
Best of the best. Always keeps it real. Never without a smile, you can hear it through the radio.

DJ Jealousy/WPGC- Washington,
Both of these DJs are incredibly talented in several areas. Song selection, originality in mixes, blending/scratching/cutting skills, and the ability and will to break new music. Both of these DJs are fearless on-air, in the clubs, and on mixtapes. They work all avenues. While both have earned national acclaim with major artists, both mentor and guide up and coming artists as well. Additionally, both are capable enough to work any venue, any arena, and genre of music — with song databases that are virtually limitless. Real DJS!!!

Sam Sylk/power 92- hammond,
Sam Sylk gave me a chance to have a night out with my husband which I rarely do because I work so much and I enjoyed myself at the Usher concert and I thank Sam for that! Both of them are very good Djs I cannot express how much they have changed my life I don’t think there is an award that can truly be given to either of them like this they both deserve it! And I wish them both Good luck!

Cher Best/96.3 Kiss FM- Augusta, GaCher
Best is the so much fun to listen to on the radio. She is funny and listening to her talk is like hearing a melody. She is smart and makes you think about the important topics. I have listened to other DJs, but of the ones I’d listen 24/7 she is the one I would choose.

Prolifik/WKSS- Hartford, CT
Definitely a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business. He just gets it.

Dj Gemini/93.9 WKYS- Lanham, Maryland

DJ GQ /Y-100- Miami, FLDJ
GQ is the best DJ I’ve heard so far, appealing to all audiences and hyping up all crowds! I turn on the radio just to listen to him play. I know so many people who go to the venues he plays at only when he’s there. DJ GQ is more than one of the top 45 DJ’s, he’s number one!!

Roland Bynum/KJLH- Las Angles, California
He is a good DJ and I enjoy listing to him. He playes the Oldies, which is the BEST EVER.

sugar bear/WQSH 107.5 crush- albany,
He is the MAN!

DJ Quest/105.5 the beat- Fort myers, florida
He was born to DJ he just has a special style that can’ t be duplicated!

prolifik/97.5 kiss- hartford, ct

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