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WOW, LOOK IT’s Juanita Bynum. She Returns with new EP

 width=When I look at this picture of or I hear her sing, it doesn’t seem like the same woman who is a prophetess. I seriously like her more as a singer and a blind man can see how fine she is but her ex husband presented a pretty tainted picture of her. I won’t go into detail because I’m not into the whole religious thing and I don’t want to get into the hypocrisy of certain things but I wish them both success in rebuilding their careers.

Any any rate, the divorce situation was devastating to her career… I think this is a great move, she’s a very good singer and this is a great way for her to ease back into the spotlight.   K

Juanita Bynum Releases a New EP on New Label,

Music World Gospel/Son Flower Records, a Division of Music World Entertainment, Scheduled for release June 22

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  1. I just bought a new project on Juanita Bynum titled, More Passion, it’s great! I listened to this single on another blog site, and it really is very mainstream – I didn’t really like it, but I wish her well.

  2. i love and cherish everything about juanita, God will strengthen her in this try of faith in Jesus name amen. it shall be well says the Lord…

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