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WOW: Look at what Voters are saying about Top 45 Nominees (part 2)

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(pictured nominee Sean Andre KRNB, , TX

Sean Andre       Texas       KRNB-105.7 fm       Dallas
These are top contenders with dazzling personalities; they’re personable, approachable, they generate listener retention, participation; they each bring a savory flavor to the airways.   Sean has this naturally sensual voice that’s very distinct!

Antonio       Texas       KRNB 105.7       Grand Prairie
OMG!! This guy is so inspiring, he has a great voice and listening to him always bless me, he feels like family….He’s awesome

Baby-J, Tessa, & Natty Heavy       south carolina       Z93 Jamz       Charleston
If for no other reason … they … SAY IT WIT THEY CHEST!!!!!

Bassman Marcellus Shepard       MD       WEAA       Baltimore
Bassman plays the best jazz, takes requests, and is knowledgeable of the music and artists. He also is involved in the community.

Big Tigger       Washington,D.C.       WPGC 95.5       Washington,D.C.
They have overall been very successful.

Binky Lee       ND       KKXL       Grand Forks
She is an amazing person! too funny and very hard working and a hard core Diva! no one deserves it more than Ms. Binky Lee

Bro       Ohio       PraiseCleveland.com Praise1300       Cleveland
Ed Powell loves his job and Ed enjoys what he do. I’m in Macon Ga. listening to Praise 1300 Ed Powell. Ed is also very informative. Very real and knowledgeable many other reason Ed should be in the Top 45.

Dj Big Bink       Texas       979.9 The Beat       Dallas
Dj Bink Big is very known in the community for help the youth. He is the best in doing mixes and keeping us informed on what’s going on in the hip hop world.

DJ Creativity       CA, , syndicated, NJ       KDAY, , , AND 1620 LA, HUNTSVILLE, SYNDICATED, PATTERSON
DJ in several different markets. Mix several different formats hip, hop, chr, old school and pop

DJ GQ       FL       Y-100       Miami
DJ GQ should be in the top 45 because besides playing amazing music ‘every Thursday night from 12-2 am at Y-100. He helps out the South Florida community, donating his time to help out non-profit organizations such as “Baby Otters Swim School, Autism speaks, Ricky Williams foundation, etc…” Also, he serves as a mentor and guide to upcoming DJ’S or students who want a future in Broadcast. Recently, he served as a a guest speaker at career day for several Miami-Dade high school students at the University of Miami.

DJ SQ       TX       Fishbowl Newtorks       Arlington
DJ SQ is the hardest working DJ i know!!

DjBigBink       Texas       979 the beat       Dallas
Because he’s dope

Don Black       Virginia       99.3 The VIBE       Fredericksburg
Don Black is with me on my commute to work every morning. I enjoy listening to his show! I have actually met Don at several Vibe events. He is a very nice person.

Dr. Bobby Jones       National       Sheridan Broadcasting Network       NationalBobby

Jones has the #1 Gospel Countdown Show in the world. His show airs weekley and he is in 70 markets, including major city markets.

Guy Brody       Louisiana       WUBR       Baton Rouge
Informative, funny knows how to relate to others during the show.speaks well.

John Mayer       Connecticut       KC101       Hamden
He has great energy. Always keeps me interested in listening to the station.   Makes me laugh. I love the music he plays and Hes really cute too!!! 🙂

Karen Vaughn       OH       93.1 wzak       Cleveland
Karen is The Diva DJ of Cleveland. She delivers as well as gives back to the City. Have enjoyed her Presence on the Radio since she has Arrived n Cleveland. A Freshness was added to the City.

Minnesota Fattz       Ga       WKSP 963 Kiss FM       Augusta
Minnesota Fattz is a Legend is the Augusta Market, He’s also The program Director for WKSP 963 Kiss FM and WPRW Power 107 10 consistant #1 Ratings on Clearchannels Urbans, Fattz has   weatherd the storm as one of the most premiere legends in the industry. Augusta is a crowded Market Steve Harvey, , Russ Parr, Rickey Smiley and Minnesota Fattz in the Morning he   is still strong in that Market that’s saying something, don’t know why he’s not syndicated he’s a gifted talent.

Roland Bynum       CA       KJLH FM       Los Angeles
I like Roland’s flow and style. I admire the way he reaches out to the Recovery Community and his selection of Oldies is on point!

Shawn Knight       IL       Power 92.3 WPWX       Chicago
Shawn is entertaining on and off the air. He’s easy to understand, personable and sociable.

Sugar Bear       New York       105.7 Crush FM       Albany
Sugar Bear has been around for a very long time and is extremely knowledgable of music in all genres. He continues to keep the music he plays fresh and up to date as well as playing the oldies!!!

Tom Joyner       illinois       92.3       chicago
I feel Tom Joyner is a very good dj who plays music that every generation can enjoy for many years.   Steve Harvey always plays a mix of music that all can enjoy. He also makes me laugh so hard every morning when I really feel like going back to bed. Thanks to both of these excellent djs I really have a lot to look forward to hearing every morning!

Toshamakia       nc       102jamz       greensboro
They give back to the community..they deserve it.hard working crew!!!


  1. I have been avid listener of the Minnesota Fattz for over 12 years. He’s informative, real, and not scared to get to the bottom of the story. His positive influence both on the air and in the community is why as long as he’s on the air I will be listening to 96.3 Kiss FM

  2. I see the name of Roland Bynum. I met Roland back in 1970 when he did 9am-12 noon at KGFJ, when—as a transplant from Newark,NJ—I attended Los Angeles City College. I used to like to hear him say, “You’re soulin’ with Roland and Roland loves ‘ya.” It had a positive ring to it

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