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WOW: Look at what voters are saying about Nominees for the Top 45 Radio DJs


 width=(pictured Ryan Cameron, Nominee V103/Atlanta)

Some of the jocks below are no longer working at the station, HOWEVER, as long as they were working at a station when they got their first vote they are still in the contest. The official Nominee list will be posted on Monday. We gave a MORE THAN FAIR chance to add your name and get people to vote for you. Some of the winners of this contest will benefit greatly by being on The RFFocus 2011 Top 45 DJ List. Here is what some of the voters are saying about nominees…. Congrats to all the mix jocks who are working the hardest to get the most votes. Commercial jocks, step it up. Post this link on your social network sites and ask your fans to vote for you…

IF YOU ARE A DJ PUT THIS CODE ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING PAGES AND SITES>>> “Vote for me for The RFFocus Top 45 DJs 2011 Contest. Click this link to vote https://rffocus.org/vote-top-45-djs/

DJ Eric B Tennessee       HOT 104.5       Knoxville
Its like they know what I want to hear and play it when i want to hear it without me having to call in and request. JUST AWESOME!!

Shawn Knight       In       Power 92 WRPX       Hammond

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