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WOW LOOK at What the Industry says about These Top 30 Black Women in Media Nominees..

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(Founder CEO)
Cathy Hughes is the most successful woman in radio today. She has provided employment opportunity for hundreds and a forum for entertainment and information for millions of black people. She’s an icon, an inspiration, and a treasure for our people. She deserves recognition.

Whifrey – HARPO and OWN
Oprah is one of the brightest stars in the world. I would have voted for her first, but she hasn’t put black people first.

Gwen Ifel –
She hosts one of the most intelligent shows on Sunday morning, and she moderates Presidential election debates. She is a no-nonsense personality, and heaven knows, we need more like her; we have enough mental poison peddlers out there.

Jamillah Muhammad – Radio One/Program Director

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