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WOW: Look at What Fans are Saying About Top 45 DJ Contestants

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The votes are heating up for “The RFFocus Top 45 Current contest and here is what some fans say about the contestants….

 width=Lenny Green       New York       WRKS / 98.7 KISS-FM       New York City
Because “Radio” is his ultimate “passion”, and those who are passionate about what they do excel and work harder at doing what they “LOVE” the most. In addition to that this year makes his at WRKS/ 98.7 KISS-FM and he is now hosting his own syndication show “Kissing After Dark w/ Lenny Green” which is carried through the SupeRadio Networks. The show is performing at its highest level beating out its competition in varied categories. Lenny is dedicated, a team player and never stops trying to do better, he deserves this placement because he always acknowledges those whose shoulders he standing on.

Charlemagne       New York       Power 105.1       New York
K.I.S.S. = These guys are entertaining and have their finger on the pulse of the city.   Some people just have that IT factor.

      Illionis       Power 92       Chicago
Sam Sylk is funny, down to earth, he relates to everyone and he is motivating. I remember listening to him one day and a girl called in and said she wanted to kill herself but it was something he said that made her change her mind. She had to call in to let him know. So, he makes us laughing , smilinh, cring with joy and he keeps it real with the realality hour on the ride home. He even talks about he own life. I love me some Sam Sylk, Sylk Sylk, my 2 year old even sings his song. Since he is so true to everyone, he deserves to be the top DJ.

Prolifik       CT       KISS 95.7       Hartford
Prolifik is well known throughout the state. He keeps peoples attention with interesting ideas and thoughts. He makes people laugh liquid out their nose…

      GA       V-103       Atlanta
Frank Ski has the only real Atlanta .   If it weren’t for his show, the listeners would have nothing local to relate to.   Additionally, his show is spot on w/creativity and innovation and good music selections. One rarely hears new music on morning radio.   He debuts a lot of great new music and artists.

Corey “CoCo” Brother GA Radio One
He has the perfect personality for his gospel audience ranging from youth to adult.   During his showtime, he spotlights artists, has real talk topics with his audience and offers the perfect song selections and blesses his listeners.

Kym Sellars       ohio       wzak 93 FM       Cleveland
She suffers from MS and never misses a day and is always upbeat. She keeps us entertained not only on the radio but on face book and in person. She is just a great person who also raises monies for charities, and she doesnt let her wheel chair hold her down.

Don Black       Virginia       The Vibe WVBX
Don is one of the most enthusiastic and intellectual disk jockeys I have ever had the privilege to listen to.   Don has always had a vocal swagger/stigma to his mass communication abilities.   I think he should automatically be the top in his game due to his professionalism and his charisma.   His fans would have the same opinion as I do, and I hope they write in as well!!

KJ Midday (Karen Jordan-Bland)       Texas       KRNB 105.7       Dallas
She Is The BEST ON AIR DJ In This Day And Time~   She cares about REALLY helping people and loves what she does and really makes people think and LAUGH~   plus she gives away $1,000 every week to youth organizations to help them out and she enjoys making people smile!   She would prolly do it for free, but she has to feed me!   LOL~   I love my mom and she is A GREAT DJ~   not cause she’s my mother, but she deserves to win just because she’s HER!!!

Bassman Marcellus Shepard       MD       WEAA       Baltimore
Bassman plays the best jazz, takes requests, and is knowledgeable of the music and artists. He also is involved in the community.

Binky Lee       ND       KKXL       Grand Forks
Why shouldn’t Binky be THE best DJ?   She rocks!

Hal Jackson       New York       WBLS 105.5       New York City
WBLS has always been the mainstay of Black Music. When the station hit the FM air waves. Black pepole were well informed of what was taken place all around us. Uplifting our spirits as changes took place in the world. In our own communites,we faced the risin tides that bound us together through music over the air waves of WBLS. Its legendary DJ’s. Orange juice Jones,Frankie Croaker and of course Hal Jackson. His transitions from WWRL AM and I think WNJR AM ,is who I grew up listening too. with his many ventures in the music industry. Gives him a wealth of knowledge of the artits’s who has brought us great music to live by. I listen to his Sunday Classics. What a JOY to listen to what helped made me. Hal Jackson gets my VOTE.

BDaht       NC       102 jamz       Greensboro
They are funny, been on air for years, and keep the triad entertained 24/7. Not only that, they have organizations to help people around the triad also.

Kimmie Taylor       California       KBLX   “The Quiet Storm”       San Francisco
Kimmie Taylor has been the Morning Show Producer for “The Kevin Brown Morning Show” on KBLX since 2001. She is a regular when it comes to chiming in with her inside scoop and access to the hottest names in the entertainment industry. Kimmie Taylor is also your weekend on air personality each and every Saturday morning on KBLX. Her top rated show features the best music on the radio and her charming personality entertains the Bay Area and beyond.

CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.