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WOW: Look at What Fans are Saying About Top 45 DJ Contestants

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The votes are heating up for “The RFFocus Top 45 Current contest and here is what some fans say about the contestants….

 width=Lenny Green       New York       WRKS / 98.7 KISS-FM       New York City
Because “Radio” is his ultimate “passion”, and those who are passionate about what they do excel and work harder at doing what they “LOVE” the most. In addition to that this year makes his at WRKS/ 98.7 KISS-FM and he is now hosting his own syndication show “Kissing After Dark w/ Lenny Green” which is carried through the SupeRadio Networks. The show is performing at its highest level beating out its competition in varied categories. Lenny is dedicated, a team player and never stops trying to do better, he deserves this placement because he always acknowledges those whose shoulders he standing on.

Charlemagne       New York       Power 105.1       New York
K.I.S.S. = These guys are entertaining and have their finger on the pulse of the city.   Some people just have that IT factor.

      Illionis       Power 92       Chicago

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