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WOW: Here's an Interesting Radio Idea, Have you Ever Thought About Doing This?

Craig Roberts is one of the lucky ones during this week of sadness and hardship in corporate radio: Not only did he get to keep his job, heâ„¢s starting full-bore on a second job Monday.

Roberts escaped the Grim Reaper that claimed more than 1,800 nationwide, including a reported 42 to 50 in Houston, at stations and other company divisions. He remains as the morning drive co- with Brad Davies of The Menâ„¢s Room on KBME (790 ), but the will soldier on their sidekick Maggie, whose job was eliminated.

Roberts also will return to nightly duties Monday when his weekly show Sports Off Center expand s to weeknights at 10 p.m. on KTBU (Channel 55). Mike Vance, Stacie Lynn and Knobler remain as his primary counterparts in the humor-based look at sports and other topics.

Å“We think people will enjoy the show,  said Channel 55 station manager Matt Reiff. Å“Weâ„¢re kind of riffing off Soup on E and The Daily Show. If at 10 p.m. youâ„¢re bored with whatâ„¢s going on in the world and donâ„¢t want to watch car wrecks and hear about the economy, you can come to us for a little levity. 

Roberts said the cast will do the show live to tape, working four days in the Channel 55 studio and one day at a remote site.

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