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WNET Presents “My Everyday Hustle” — An Original Digital Series Profiling Everyday People in Everyday Jobs “Chasing the Dream”

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They are often nameless, yet they are part of our daily routine. They walk our dogs, make our lunch, drive us to our destination, deliver our packages, and entertain us in the subway. An integral part of the fabric of any city — including New York –they are the people we interact with every day.

My Everyday Hustle, an original digital series from Chasing the Dream, WNET’s multi-platform initiative on poverty and opportunity, offers five first-person accounts to reveal the struggles, successes, and explores the everyday hustle of New Yorkers who support themselves and their families in jobs that are often overlooked. In this series they share how they are chasing their version of the American Dream.

Shot in , My Everyday Hustle, introduces us to a walker, Nadir Samara; a street cart vendor, ; an on-demand driver, ; a courier, Daniel Rodriguez; and a subway performer, ; who are all working hard to just get by. How do they make ends meet in one of the most expensive cities in the nation? Is the American dream achievable for them?

This series will be available on the Chasing the Dream: Poverty & Opportunity in America website Fridays, July 14 through August 4 and Thursday, August 3. Each runs approximately five minutes. As part of the launch for My Everyday Hustle, there will be a social media component with a companion photo series on Instagram and short clips on Twitter.

Chasing the Dream: Poverty & Opportunity in America –
My Everyday Hustle

“The Dog Walker” – Friday, July 14

Ever wonder how dog walkers manage those enormous packs of dogs, let alone support themselves? Meet Nadir Samara, a New York City dog walker who makes more money walking dogs in Brooklyn than he did working for an insurance company in Philadelphia. A recent college graduate, Nadir’s “everyday hustle” means walks during the day, rain or shine, so that he can work on film projects — his true passion — at night and support himself.
“The Street Vendor” – Friday, July 21

There are an estimated 10,000 street food vendors in New York City, many of whom are immigrants. Walid Abdelwahab is one of them. His “everyday hustle” is working long hours cooking and selling food from a cart in Manhattan to support his family. He also confronts constant challenges that come along with vending on New York City’s streets, from long hours to obstacles deliberately placed on “his” piece of sidewalk. If he can’t work, he can’t feed his family. Yet for him, it’s all part of his American Dream.
“The On-Demand Driver” – Friday, July 28

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