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WKZO Launches FM Companion on 96.5

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WKZO Launches FM Companion on 96.5

KALAMAZOO (WKZO) Kalamazoo’s first radio station WKZO-AM which was launched by broadcasting pioneer John Fetzer in 1931 now has an FM companion on 96.5. WKZO’s full lineup of programming will now air on AM 590 and on FM 96.5. …


  1. If they can afford it, maybe 92.5 FM WZUU can get The Bob & Tom Show back. They had it in the mid-1990s when they first switched from Radio X WNTX 92.3 FM, located above Video Hits Plus (now Video Hits Game Express, no longer owned by Brad Troyer), to WZUU. Then 96.5 WFAT had Bob & Tom and later 96.5 switched format to WYZO country, still stuck with the Bob & Tom contract.

    So, if WZUU can get The Bob & Tom Show back, people, like me, who used to listen to WFAT all the time, will have a station to listen to again. I never listened to WYZO because I don’t like country music, so the loss is not great. I’d rather have WFAT back and WZUU has the opportunity to do that.

    However, there is nothing more white trash then having a WZUU sticker on the back of your car, sorry Bob Brink.

    Another place you can catch Bob & Tom is late at night on Channel 9 WGN Chicago, either on cable or directly off the air for those of you with a good tv antenna.

    So, since Midwest Communications took ownership of Fairfield Broadcasting, Kalamazoo has lost two radio stations: Super Talk 1470 AM WKLZ and Classic Hits 96.5 FM WFAT. In addition, we have lost 25 hours a week of live, local programming on WKZO as well as Dave Jaconette. I just wish Richard Piet would finally come out of the closet.

    The only thing we have gained is 24 hour service from The Touch AM 1560 WNWN on an FM translator.

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