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Why So Few Resources for Urban Indsutry Vets in Need?


Let me start this off by saying The IS one of the BEST sources for urban industry vets I have come across thus far I have several close friends and associates involved with that organization. Why am I not involved with the ..? I don’t .

HOWEVER, where are the OTHER resources. Let’s face it, the music industry is and has always been about perception and (at times…false) reality. Those with the money and the hits and the top stations were always the ones who got their asses kissed, even when they were not responsible for their success. This still happens today.. this type of atmosphere brings about extreme pride and false honor. I say that because as the years progress and we find ourselves in need, we have learned to keep our faces on and ACT as if we’re still rollin’ even when we are about to lose our homes, cars have been repossessed and we have to live with family to avoid expenses. I myself have been guilty of this too and I have gone through thousand s of dollars foolishly because I didn’t know sh… about money and nobody ever taught me… so I had to learn the hard way but I KNOW NOW!!! (laugh) There is no greater lesson than being poor, then rich then poor again (laugh). I reveal this cause I don’t give a sh… what people think about me. If I need something, I’m gonna ask but others in the industry are not like that.

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Kevin Ross: RFFocus.org CEO with over 20 years experience in the Industry. Ross is a former radio Program Director and Radio Jock. You can contact him by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the menu bar.


  1. Kevin,

    I’ve seen the RFFocus evolve and I’m glad to see you expand with the Blast. Thank you for your comments about the Living Legends Foundation. We’ve been around for 16 years. We first starte out just honoring our trailblazers, but later saw a need to expand through acts of benevolence.

    I thank you for your comments. I hope your words will encourage to learn more about the Living Legends Foundation (a registered non-profit organization). Our webite is being updated but your readers can go to http://www.livinglegendsfoundation.com to get a sense of who we are and what we do.

    Thanks for your support.
    David Linton
    Living Legends Foundation

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