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Why is Tavis Smiley Obsessed with President Obama?

 width=It seems that Tavis will not give up on his agenda against President Obama. It also appears, or perhaps it’s just me, that even Tom Joyner is wondering what the hell is he talking about now and it seems Tom and Sybil have moved on and Tavis has some kind of axe to grind and it’s starting to look WEIRD. Didn’t he just write a book about Obama called “Accountable?”   Notice the dead silence and shaded insecurity that Tavis expresses when he repeatedly states “I could be wrong on this.” Why can’t he move on from this issue? Why would he come back to the place where the black audience raked him over and was unrelenting for his previous comments on Obama? What is he trying to accomplish or prove? I’d like to get your opinion. Should Obama with all the extreme criticism he faces DAILY from conservatives have a “black agenda.”   Hear Tavis’ speech on Tom Joyner here.

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  1. I have never understood Tavis’s call for accountability for Obama when he did not display this voracious attitude for the parties directly responsible for the country’s problems,namely the Bush administration.
    He may have critiqued the Bush adminstration on occasion, but his position was mainly neutral. This is not the case with Obama. It seems more personal for whatever reason. If Tavis wants politicians to be held to the letter of the law, how about applying this concept to the ones who actually broke it and abused this country and its citizens to the brink of collapse.
    These individuals are still free and have yet to be prosecuted for their actions. Yet his energy is to assail Obama who I feel is truly trying to help the country recover from disaster.
    Should Obama be held accountable for his programs and policies? Sure, of course. But let’s try a new idea that seems to have been lost in Tavis’s thought. Let’s hold those directly responsible for this mess and demand they answer to the American people who they have abused without care or concern, and let us support and have patience for the man who is trying to fix their mess.

  2. Its obvious Tavis(and Dr. Cornell West) still holds a grudge because Barack didn’t participate in what we now know was the last off his series of televised events call The Convent. What a major coup it wold had been to have the United State first Black President as part of his legacy. Is it a coincidence that he just did a series with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? She did participate as Senator Clinton in his event. I respect both Tavis and Dr. West, and believe they should be free to express their views and position of the black experience on our newly elected president. However,
    where’s Arsenio when you need him, things that make you go, hmm?

  3. What President Barack Obama did was to wage a masterful campaign for the presidency, win it, and in so doing he basically neutralized all of the self-appointed black leaders, scholars, pseudo black scholars, activists and Tavis’s of the world because he did not solicit theirs or their organizations’ help. He did it without them, and therefore owes them nothing, and they can’t stand it. Sharpton, Jesse and PUSH, Tavis, the NAACP, the National Urban League–none of them can claim any degree of responsibility for what Mr. Obama accomplished. It’s giving them fits and that’s why they’re all trying to get meetings with him now so they can at least say they have “access.”

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