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Why Did Steve Hegwood REALLY Exit Radio One?

chris brown

image_library_320_default_scaledI think Steve has been pissed at us ever since we wrote a story about a fight a Radio One event in Atlanta. So we were not included on his farewell list of press he sent his letter to yesterday…. there must be a support group for people like us (in thought…. OK done)

At any rate several people speculate Hegwood allegedly never really wanted the , as an entrepreneur myself, If that was the , I can understand what it’s like to work for yourself then to work for others especially in a situation like that. I was calling some of my sources at the outlet but apparently R1 has let several people go in Atl in that cluster recently. Now I have to RE-ESTABLISH my sources? I have to complain to Cathy about this (laugh). I was wondering why Radio One has been so quiet this year… Others are saying Hegwood had differences with upper management. This is where I exit… Others are saying OTHER things…. here (sorry the people at Radio-Info.com must have pussied out as they shut down the link with the to the story.

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