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Whitney Houston Music Sales Skyrocket, Chart Numbers

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Since the death of on Saturday, February 11, sales of the music ’s albums have skyrocketed.

“Whitney: The Greatest Hits” album re-enters the Billboard 200  chart at No. 6. It sold 64,000 copies in the U.S. (according to ) in the tracking week that ended on Feb. 12 — reflecting only one full day of sales after her passing.

Houston also returns to the list with her 86 “Whitney Houston” (No. 72 with 8,000; up 3,901%), “The Bodyguard” (No. 80 with 8,000; up 5,213%), her last studio album “I Look To You” (No. 118 with 5,000; up 3,901%), 1987’s “Whitney” (No. 122 with 5,000; up 2,274%) and “The ’s Wifesoundtrack (No. 183 with 4,000; up 3,913%).

There were more Houston albums purchased in the last week (,000 – up 5,994% from 2,000 the week previous) than had been sold in all of 2011 and 2012 combined until her death (,000).

It’s expected that Houston’s catalog of albums and songs will see even bigger sales next week, after a full week’s worth of impact from her passing is felt on the charts. Next week’s charts will reflect the sales week that will end on Sunday, Feb. 19.

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