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What's the Consensus of Urban Industry Leaders on the Indsutry?

This week, I talked to several prominent heads from radio and records who all pretty much said the same thing. The is indeed downsizing, getting rid of excess and making a concerted effort to a tight(er) ship. They also stated the widespread panic is understand able considering how unpredictable the industry is right now but they all assured me, the industry will still be here and things should return to normal by the spring. They agreed there is going to be more and there is need to worry about something that is out of your control (I know, easier said then done)… They also said what we have been hearing for a long time now, those who can multitask and the most dedicated will most likely survive and resurface.

To that end, let me ad, is still in dire need of webmasters. I personally it’s a mistake to let a hand le your site and to avoid adding your particular market’s touch to the site. It’s very easy to find radio and very easy to find webmasters but it’s impossible to find urban radio people who ARE webmasters. Urban radio, mark my words, is going to be FORCED to pay more attention to their websites by this summer, it’s one of the most revenue streams in our industry.