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WHAT? You KNOW Something's Wrong When Industry VETS Admit There are TOO many Old Men in the Industry!

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You , when I come across a great story in another trade, and the only ones I really read are Radio Business Report, and Radio-Info, I, unlike the other pu..y trades, will give them credit. There was a GREAT story in RBR yesterday about the lack of new blood in the industry. Something that I have said on many occasions in RFFocus . That translates, especially in radio to dates shows and dated too. I’m a middle age man and even I admit, we need new blood in the industry across the board on ALL formats. Here’s the story below courtesy of RBR.

If there was one recurring theme at last week’s NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia, it was that radio leaders are well outside of the most attractive demos ““ and getting older. But consolidation and the current recession have made it difficult to hire and grow the leaders of tomorrow.

CEO Bill Stakelin raised the issue in the Radio Group Heads Super Session, putting himself among those radio executives who are getting “long in the tooth.”

The same concern was expressed over and over by speakers in the session called “Radio Stimulus Package.”

“We are fast becoming an industry of old men,” said Larry Rosin, President, Edison Media Research, excluding the only female and younger panelist, Heidi Raphael, Vice President Corporate Communications, Greater Media.

“We have to raise the quality of programming,” declared Bill Figenshu, President, Broadcast Operations and Development, Peak Broadcasting. He complained that program directors are currently managing too many stations, leaving them with little time for real innovation. He called for efforts to bring in more young people. “It’s time for radio to make stations we are proud of,” he said.

Raphael called on broadcasters to expand their outreach ““ not just going to colleges for recruiting, but also to high schools and junior high schools to get students interested in radio. “We need to be growing our talent now for the future,” she said.

“We have stopped investing in ourselves, so why do we expect anybody else to invest in radio, to use radio?” asked veteran morning host John DeBella, WMGK-FM Philadelphia. He suggested putting young staffers in charge of programming HD2 and HD3 channels, comparing it to the situation decades ago when young people were allowed to program the FM stations that no one cared about while the AM cash cows drove business. “Let’s build a farm team,” he declared.

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