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WHAT? Oprah Offers J-Hud Money

Did Jennifer Hudson need to borrow money from ? That’s what the talk show titan thought when Hudson dropped past her studio unannounced a month ago for a visit. The Oscar-winning actress, who just released her self-titled CD this week, told AOL Black Voices columnist that Winfrey was shocked by her impromptu visit to Harpo Studios. “I’ve been on her show about now and she was always like, ‘you can come anytime that you want.’ Nobody takes people up on those offers unless they want something. I saw her recently because her show is not too far from my house in Chicago . I wanted to see Oprah and say hello. It’s not too many people in the industry who do that. She thought it was something wrong with me so she asked me if I was okay and if I needed any money. I told her I just wanted to come say hello and see how she was doing.” To read more of Hudson ‘s interview, use this link:

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