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WHAT? Monique’s Self Righteous Contradiction

Comedian (and Soul Plane actress) took a recent pot shot at gossip site leader Media Take Out for reporting too much “negative” news to the black community about black people…. and being a negative force in the community… (excuse me while I scratch my head…. done)

The owner of MTO Fred, who was on her show (vid) tried to defend his right to simply report the news… and he reminded her that they report positive things too. Monique was not having it, I believe she is pissed because they said she had her stomach stapled. At any rate, she rants on about how hard it is already for a black person to make it in Hollywood to find work and she encouraged him to write only positive news (to that end, I have also included a snippet of Monique’s “positive” performance in Soul Plane)… Ironically, huge mega sites like TMZ can run pics of Britney Spears getting out of her car with no draws and Perez Hilton can draw dicks going into people’s mouths without a word… Both TMZ and Perez Hilton’s numbers, believe it or not, are NOT that far off from Media Take Out…yet, guess who gets HUGE endorsement deals, TV Shows and appearances and even Syndicated Radio Shows…. Oops… Did I say… Syndicated Radio Shows? What a coincidence…. WHO KNEW???

While Monique is so self righteous about the negativity that FRED puts out in the Black community with his site, I can’t help but to wonder if she has ever given thought to how many Black people at urban radio her show is putting out of work…while she takes the time to try to Vivica Fox it up so that she can get more work on screen… Bottom line, we ALL have to eat!!! (some more than others). Syndication really works and my prediction is that in the next 2 years, it will dominate 90% of urban radio…. and that’s fine, I guess, I just feel for urban announcers who, unlike Monique, don’t have a lot of options when their jobs are gone or lacking.