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WHAT? Man Charged in Beating of Atl Trainer Commits Suicide

 width= width=Victim, still in coma, was trying to protect mayorâ„¢s daughters in 2007 incident

This story has always been eerie to me just like the Bryan Nichols story why? Because both Nichols and Darius Miller worked out at the same gym I used to go to Crunch in Buckead.

The only charged in a severe beating of a celebrity fitness trainer outside of a Midtown nightclub more than a year ago committed suicide at his Mableton home on Day, said the manâ„¢s attorney, Bruce Harvey. The man, Apollo Holmes, 25, was charged with criminal intent to commit murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in the Dec. 26, 2007, beating of fitness trainer Darius Miller, 42, in a parking near the Verve nightclub. Miller has been in a coma ever since.

Apollo Holmes, 25, believed he was wrongly accused in the beating, his attorney said. The attack attracted coverage because Miller was reportedly up while trying to shield   Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklinâ„¢s daughters, Kai Franklin Graham and Kali Jamilla Franklin, from several men trying to videotape them that night in the parking lot.

Holmesâ„¢ attorney, Harvey, said Tuesday night that Holmes believed he was wrongly accused in the beating. Some witnesses said as many as 10 men attacked Miller that night, although there were never any other arrests made. Harvey said Holmes was ready to take his case before a jury.

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