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WHAT? Kizart Media Partners acquires Power of Urban Radio and Power of Hispanic Radio trade-marks

 width= Chicago- Kizart has acquired The The Hispanic trade-marks from the bankruptcy liquidation the Interep Radio assets.
Å“Business acquisitions arenâ„¢t suppose to impact you emotionally, but this one is both emotional and gratifying , said , Managing Director of .   Å“Having   spent   the last decade building the remarkable brand    identity and equity of The Power of makes its acquisition   extremely special   for me personally and the growth of .
For more than a decade, Kizart was the driving force behind The Power of Urban Radio Symposium in his former role as Senior Vice President/Urban   Marketing   of   the now defunct Interep   Radio Sales.   This annual event would bring together the countryâ„¢s leading national marketers, their general market and multicultural ad agency partners, and executives from the leading urban broadcasters in the country. The purpose of the   event   is to discuss the strategic importance of the $800 billion consumer market and segue into how marketers and their agencies use Urban Radio as a primary tactic to target consumers. The Power of Hispanic Radio was born out of the very successful model of The Power of Urban Radio.   Å“The Power of Hispanic Radio was just beginning to hit its stride when   Interep   hit its financial hurdles .   Ramping it   up with the proper focus and the best strategic partners will enable it to build a strong track record with advertisers, agencies, and broadcasters alike™™ remarked Kizart.
The Power of Hispanic Radio is a natural extension and compliment of the strategic media marketing assets for the growth of Kizart Media Partners.
Å“In todayâ„¢s very challenging economy, Marketers and their agency partners have a greater need and know   how   to strategically align their brand s and services   to African American and Hispanic consumers .  The Power of Urban Radio and Power of Hispanic Radio will provide advertisers, marketers, and broadcasters with critical insight, perspective, and direction to these very important consumer groups,  added Kizart. For more information, please contact Sherman   Kizart , Managing Director/ Kizart   Media Partners, [email protected]   or (312)-421-4803.

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