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WHAT: Industry DL Parties Common?

This comes from the Panachereport.com

OK, it’s no secret there are many DL people in the industry both male and female. Some hate on gays and lesbians in front of others to hide their own secrets, or at least what they are secrets. Some are detectable and some would shock you. It’s also no secret that there are industry underground cultures that cater to elite DL industry people. For years it has been rumored there are parties given in the , , and ..

According to the Panache Report

“…there is a huge event in where a former lackluster black male celebrity who has a rolodex of wealthy black celebrity men in every area of the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the scenes. He actually has this set up as a business from his luxury apartment, which is similar to a mini-command center. This is where he sets up parties and events that are very well organized and super discreet for his “Downlow Sex Club.” He’s known as “The Ringleader.”

The Ringleader is paid hand somely by men in the music and sports industries to arrange and recruit young men for parties. Gay male models, starving bodybuilder types and escorts are often seen on party grounds trying to get the attention of the rich and famous men in attendance who pass them around. This Ringleader still attends celebrity parties and is always on the prowl for a male celebrities who are down on their luck with money problems because of their prior name status. A younger black male celebrity (music industry) known as a publicity whore and someone who will do anything for fame, was at the last party getting his freak on with a male escort.

Sometimes, these parties are held on private yachts, away from prying eyes. An abundance of drugs and liquor are always on board. After hours, these parties turn into male (or female) orgies. A mogul and a very well known black music executive have yet to miss a single party. The majority of the men and women who attend these DL parties have wives/girlfriends or husband s/boyfriends at home.”

Pennies from Kevin Podcast"