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WHAT IN DE FOOK? Buffalo News Reports Local Radio Talent All But GONE

Ryan Seacrest. rush limbaugh. Delilah. John Tesh. Jim Rome. Theyâ„¢re on the air.

Jim Pastrick. Å“Slick Tom  Tiberi. Gail Ann Huber. Jimmy T. Theyâ„¢re not.

Flip through the dial on your these days, and youâ„¢ll often hear the voice of a host who is a long way from Buffalo.

This is all part of the state of the , and several key factors are driving the changes.

In many markets, the economic slump is making it harder to attract advertisers, and the big broadcasters that own most of the nationâ„¢s stations are under pressure to cut costs.

Further, thereâ„¢s increasing competition for listeners from satellite radio, Internet radio stations and MP3 players.

Å“Local radio is facing incredible challenges. Itâ„¢s facing challenges in attracting listeners and in attracting advertisers,  said Mark Fratrik, a with BIA Advisory Services, a consulting firm that tracks the media and communications industries.

Many of these changes are playing out in Buffalo, where a few out-of-town conglomerates own the bulk of the stations.

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