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WHAT? Diddy and Tracey Edmonds are Fooking?

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is the funniest man I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to find someone so soon
after Eddie. It’s early days – we’ve only been on three or four dates –
but he’s whisked me off my feet. I don’t know about wedding bells but
he’s definitely the man for me.” When this questionable quote from was released last month, it was written off as inaccurate celebrity gossip. Apparently there is some truth to this statement. Highly placed sources have told Livesteez that Diddy Tracey Edmonds in fact an item. It has been alleged that the two hold their secret rendezvous at a paparazzi zone – the – quite frequently. This is no huge feat for Diddy, who has recently been linked to , Cameron Diaz, and of course, old faithful . Sources say that although Tracey has been known to date men for professional gain, the fact that former husband Babyface and his young girlfriend are expecting a baby a big role in her quest for new meat. [source]