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WGCI’s Summer Jam 2017 was All the Way Lit

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If you only listened to the news, you would think was in a state of constant war, bankruptcy, and corrupt politicians. While some of that is true, that is not the true essence of the city of wind. The summer in is food, music, and culture season on overload. Classically labeled as “Summertime Chi,” it’s one of those things you have to experience in person.

Adding to the music and culture of the city is ’s . On the west side of Chicago on a street called Madison lies a building Michael Jordan and his Bulls cohorts made famous with the second 3peat championship run. Within those hallowed grounds, provides the ultimate summer sounds experience for its loyal listeners. Each year seems to catapult the previous one, as the “lit” factor seems to go up a notch.

Hosted by the Morning Takeover crew, Kyle Santillian, Kendra G, and Leon Rogers alongside their partners in radio, Frankie Robinson, Tone Kapone, DJ Moon Dawg, Jamal Smallz, Trey White, Charmaine, and a host of others, Summer Jam was bound for success as the it would mirror the energy and talent of it’s personalities. The hosts had just as much fun as the sold out audience as Lud Foe, Kyle, MadeinTKO, YFN Lucci, Fat Joe & , Yo Gotti, Bump j, Jeremih, , and brought their A games on a perfect Chicago night.

Just as the Hennessey poured into the glasses of those in attendance, each artist poured energy into their most familiar hits, keeping the crowd on their feet for the majority of the show. The backstage area was even lit as all the VIP’s and entourages seemed to be completed invested in enjoying themselves. From Lud Foe’s urban tales, Kyle’s welcomed playfulness, MadeinTKO’s skateboard vibe, YFN Lucci’s crowd appeal, Fat Joe & Remy Ma’s trip through memory lane, Bump J’s freedom show, Yo Gotti laying down the law, Jeremih bringing the sexy, Jeezy making the dope boys and girls go crazy, and Lil Wayne sealing the deal as only he can,, WGCI ‘s Summer Jam represented a part of Chicago’s culture that is often under represented or ignored.

Whether it was Kendra G dancing in heels as Jeezy had everybody amped, Charmaine twerkin’ like no other, the Greatest taking selfies with the crowd, the sold out house singing happy birthday to Leon Rogers, WGCI presenting at $10,000 check to the Scott Joplin school, or Chicago’s own Dreezy surprising the people with a surprise duet with Jeremih, it was a night to remember. It was definitely a moment where you had to be there.

The next time you turn on the news on hear about the Chicago that seems to be in complete anarchy, remember there is a legendary radio station that plays host to a legendary summer concert that always seems to add to Chicago’s now famous “Summertime Chi” essence.

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