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WHAT: Is this WGCI Hostess Doing an Interview with a Cell Phone? (vid)

Am I behind the times or is THIS how urban radio does interviews today? I can certainly understand being in a situation where you have to do the interview fast but I was not aware this was acceptable for the ? Why wasn’t ’s van here in the ? This sister has a lot of potential, great looking etc but am I missing something? Did she actually ask a passerby for the dead boy’s last name in the second video?

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  1. I thought most jocks were good at ad-libbing and thinking on their feet. Clearly this poor child seems uninformed, you would think she would be more passionate and be able to capture the outrage of the city of Chicago. I know the jock is fairly new but come… I can tell she’s not polished and this was too heavy for her to convey to the listening audience.

    Research is the key!

  2. Amen Ralph !!!!!!!!!!! Gci is a legend station and should have done a more professional job, this is what u get when there’s no where to train future broadcasters!!!!!!!!!! u don’t make it to fulltime on gci because u have potential,
    u need a more polish experience personality.

  3. My question is where is her WGCI T-Shirt? Why put this on youtube and not brand the station… Who is the PD over there… Point to PD if you’re going to have a jock make a video representing your brand make them put on a T-shirt or hat or something! That’s marketing 1 on 1.

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