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Wendy Williams’ Producers Struggle to get other Quality Guests but Mario on Today


mario is a victim of her own success. I’ve been hearing for weeks that her producers are getting frustrated because A-Listers and popular rappers refused to be guests on her show. Most likely a payback from Wendy’s days on the air and her slanderous attacks on those artists. I was able to catch a glimpse of the show the other day and the one thing that I think is really missing is a sidekick. Wendy is doing too much by herself and she needs someone on stage to interact with. The guest situation is going to be hard to get around but a show will not succeed with nothing but B-D list guests only.

As he continues to croon his way across the country on the BET Live! 106 & Park tour, ’s latest album, D.N.A., entered this week’s Billboard Top 200 Album chart at #9. This marks his second Top 10 album debut.

Today, Mario takes a break from singing in front of thousands of screaming fans to performing his hit single “Break Up” and brand new single “Thinkin’ About You,” for millions of television viewers of the Wendy Williams Show. On October 27th, Mario joins GUCCI MANE for a performance of “Break Up” on the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

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