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WeedStream Featured on iHeartRadio

WeedStream Featured on iHeartRadio

Denver (CO) – To celebrate the “4/20” holiday, WeedStream will be featured on iHeartRadio’s mobile and desktop apps this Wednesday, April 20. On the now-famous “4/20” day, iHeart.com will feature WeedStream and promote the music station through its apps, social networks and push notifications.

Colorado-based WeedStream.net airs an Indie Rock music and lifestyle radio format baked for the cannabis culture. This Wednesday, WeedStream will feature two new promotions seizing on the international 4/20 holiday, including a “Show Us Your 420” Instagram promotion and a “Buds” contest for a framed and signed Sublime poster.

WeedStream CEO Mike Henry commented, “Legal pot created a new lifestyle in Colorado, and the 420 holiday is the day we show off for the world. Thanks to iHeartRadio, anyone on the planet can tune in on Wednesday to hear what Christmas in April sounds like in Colorado.”

With over 700 million downloads and over 70 million registered users, the iHeartRadio app is the fastest growing all-in-one streaming music and live digital radio service. iHeartRadio is available on more than 60 device platforms. Visit http://iheartradio.com/apps for all available devices.

WeedStream is an entertainment company focused on the legalized marijuana culture with WeedStream Radio, WeedStream TV and WeedStream Events.

About WeedStream:
Using entertainment as the vehicle, WeedStream is an advocate for the medical, cultural, and financial benefits of marijuana, and serves as the voice of this new and very large community. We believe strongly in the attributes of legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana as a positive influence on society. From helping medical patients better cope, providing alternative medicine vs prescription drugs and alcohol, relieving the criminal justice system, building local economies, re-igniting the hemp industry, and to simply giving people an alternative way to have fun, WeedStream is committed to championing the positive benefits of cannabis on society.

WeedStream, started in January 2014 by media veterans Mike Henry and Dino Ianni, is the world’s first entertainment and technology company targeting the legalized cannabis community, and features WeedStream Radio, WeedStream TV and WeedStream Events.

WeedStream Radio can be heard at WeedStream.net, and on the iHeartRadio and TuneIn radio apps. WeedStream TV can be seen at WeedStream.net and on the WeedStream YouTube channel. WeedStream Events can be found on our calendar.

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