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Singer Natalie Cole Dies at 65


Natalie Cole was incredibly talented but did not take well to celebrity initially even thouhgh she was always surrounded by it. Her career lasted for 40 years but she admitted that for many of those years she continued to grieve for her father the famous Nat King Cole and his early death from cancer. Natalie suffered several bouts of drug addiction including heroin and cocaine and was very open about her drug use in the early days of her career. Over recent years, Natalie discovered that she had Hepatitis C and had it for 25 years. At that point the disease had cause severe damage to her kidneys and she had to be put on dialysis. Since then she was struggled with health issues and she succumbed to congestive heart failure on New Years day.

Natalie has won numerous Grammys and awards for her music with the most recent at the Latin Grammys for her album “Natalie Cole En Español.” I’ve seen Natalie several times during my career in the industry and had a conversation with her at length once. She was very kind, caring and friendly. RIP Natalie.  She remains one of our Undeniable Top 12 Best Black Female Singers of All time 

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