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WE DON’T HOLD GRUDGES… OR DO WE: Ruth Adkins Robinson/Walt Love

Got this email this morn. There are very few people I dislike in the industry but 3 always come to mind when I think about the question. Two of them are Ruth Adkins Robinson and Walt Love. Both cussed me out and went left when I was in need of a job years ago and called them (laugh) and I have had no respect for either since. That’s not a grudge it’s a decision and I dare either of them to call me on it.  To that end, I DO like Jacqueline Rhinehart so I will print the post for her nonetheless…

Invites you to a Women’s History Month Celebration of the Publication

Aretha Franklin Inauguration Hat. Join Author JACQUELINE RHINEHART
in conversation with RUTH ADKINS ROBINSON

Ruth Adkins Robinson Music Historian, TV Writer/Producer and Associate Curator of the California African American Museum

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2009 – 3:00 P.M.

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