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WDAS Axes Michael Baisden Show

Michael Baisden

Axes Michael Baisden Show

Michael Baisden Commentary: Goodbye WDAS and Philadelphia!

(Also See Michael Baisden Quitting Show Posted March 20, 2013)

Michael Baisden’s show has been canceled at WDAS, here is his letter to fans from the market.

To my listeners on WDAS in Philadelphia, when you turn on your radios today at 3pm ET you will no longer hear the Michael Baisden Show. The powers that be at iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) have decided that music is enough in the afternoon to achieve their ratings goals. Although we were consistently in the top 5, and beating our nearest Urban Adult competitor by 10 positions, the decision was made to remove The Michael Baisden Show. While I am excited about adding Columbus, OH, last week, and I appreciate my other 78 affiliates, there seems to be a disturbing trend in urban radio to opt to give the black community less information about what’s going on in our community, even when my program is competitive, and in some cases winning in it’s time slot.

Who is going to sound the alarm in Dallas, St Louis, New York, and now Philadelphia when the next election comes around, or when the next Trayvon Martin or Jena 6 happens? The Mornings Shows do a good job, but the influence of The Michael Baisden Show has been critical to bringing social awareness to our communities.

But I don’t blame the radio networks that remove my program; I blame us as a community. The main objective of these companies is to make a profit for their Share Holders. I was told by an radio executive many years ago, “This is an advertising business first and the (read more) people business second.”

Now, the question we have to ask ourselves is, what’s in our best interest? Ask the listeners in New York, Dallas, and recently St. Louis how it feels to be divorced from the rest of the country. Because that’s what it feel like, an unwanted divorce. There has never been and will never be another program like this when it’s gone. We’re either going to fight for what we value or accept what is handed to us, and go quietly into the night.

I need your support so that I can continue to sound the alarm for the next child who is missing or wrongfully accused, or to raise the issue of Domestic Violence, Living Your Dream, and the next election.

Thank you to the listeners of and all of the other family members who no longer can hear the information, passion and energy I put out everyday. And thank you to all the affiliates, including WDAS for giving me a chance to be heard. They are doing what they believe is in their best business interest, now we must do what’s in ours”¦ otherwise we deserve the treatment that we get.

See you on the radio at 3pmET. For those of you who can no longer hear me on the radio, go to BaisdenLive.com and click the “Listen Live” button or download the TuneIn Radio App and Search The Michael Baisden Show. As always, I’ll give you one thousand percent every day as long as you continue to fight for me the way I’ve been fighting for you!

Michael Baisden

P.S. Please, Do not call WDAS being disrespectful or mean spirited. Vote with your support or lack of support for their choice of programming. Conduct yourself with class and dignity reflected by this show and our President. We will be back on in Philly, hopefully with WDAS, we don’t want to attack them, just demonstrate that we value our personalities. It’s not just business with us”¦it’s personal!


CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.


  1. Wake up people! Take action because this is just the beginning. Republicans are upset. It is no coincidence that Michael’s show was cancelled shortly after the presidential election. Fight back economically. Support those who support US! We need a voice, they know it and are quietly trying to “put us in our place”.

  2. It is a travesty that the Michael Baisden show has been cancelled on WDAS in Philly! The Black community was well-informed as well as entertained every afternoon and such a show is needed. Mr. Baisden supports people, events, political and social issues that are important to all Americans. His outreach is great and his messages are admirable. The show needs to return to the Philadelphia area!

  3. See, this is what is wrong with the world today. Looking out for that almighty dollar and not the wants of the people. In my car, I was tuned to WDAS all the time. Now, I will continue listening to the Steve Harvey morning show, but WDAS can fall off the dial. I will find something more informative to listen to. Good going execs. You just made a city full of enemies.
    God Bless you, Michael Baisden. I will catch you on I-♥ Radio!

  4. Taking away our voice. Just a way to keep us in our place. Out of touch with what is really happening to us in this country. Anyone willing to keep our people informed is simply put in their place by removing their voice.

  5. I listen on Baisden Live since WDAS no longer broadcasts the show. Did anyone start an online petition to bring the show back to the radio station?

  6. A local personality can fill the bill with information that is important to that market place. We did it before National syndicated shows replaced all the great local talent..If given a chance Local announcers can serve their communties with information and intertaiment and still garner revenue and ratings for their radio station!!!..!!!!

  7. WDAS will lose a lot of listeners during that time slot. A lot of us from Philly now listen online. That decision made no sense at all.

  8. Please let’s wake up people .They want to keep us in the dark on things that matter to us as a people. Weather it’s serious or funny , entertaining or whatever ,WHENEVER THEY CAN THEY WILL TRY TO KEEP US IN OUR PLACE! Thank god for the Internet . These kinda of games are going to be the death of radio . God bless you Michael keep working and informing us and just like the last election when pushed we push back

  9. WDAS…you will definitely be loosing us as listners. Michael Basiden was so informatiive. Now our people are going to be mindless. The issues he discuss on his show affects all of us but especially African Americans. We voted for the President, marched for Trevon, and find our missing just to name a few. We laughed and cried, the show is so well rounded. Sometimes we have to think about our people instead of profits. We will be listening to MB online. We hear enough music during the day at work, we need to be educated about issues at some point during the day.

  10. I’m very upset over iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) decision on dropping Micheal Baisden talk show..I guess, I have to make a decision too, for me not to listen to WDAS FM radio station. ..Until they reinstate Mr. Baisden talk show, I be listening to my XM radio..Thanks iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel), You lost a dedicated listener for over 30 ++ years.. I hope you guys can work this out and bring Mr. Baisden & George BACK!

  11. I’m pissed! Nothing against Mimi Brown who filled the void, but Michael and George on WDAS at 3:00pm was the best entertainment I’ve every heard on radio! Their chemistry is second to none! Informative, funny as hell and worth every damn second! I’ve been listening to WDAS since the beginning, but I’m done. I’ll find them on the internet. Thanks 105.3 for losing a loyal listener!

  12. I can’t believe that once again iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) made a choice for them and not the people! Michael Baisden was imformative and played good music! It would be wise for another station in the area to pick up his show, the listeners will follow! I guess they didn’t like the fact that he kept us imformed? I bet if WDAS looses the ratings then they would consider bringing him back. WDAS isn’t like the old station, it chaged when they sold out…surprised at you iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)!!!

  13. He got what he deserved. Michael Baisden is an instigator and a sound horn for Obama and the Liberal Agenda. He never was opened to a conservative perspective and looked down on those who believed in making God first in the community. Thank God that this Gossip Spreader and Divider is OFF THE AIR in Philadelphia.

  14. I think it is a shame that folks are whining over the loss of an affiliate by a syndicated host. What about the beating Black Media Ownership is taking period. Here we are moaning over what a “corporation” did with their company. How foolish, the real issue is who owns the media.

  15. Philadelphia is a Democratic City and Democratic strong hold. Michael promoted his books to the point of disguss. He was consistantly talking about the community supporting him and Steve. He said if he makes it we all make it. I have not seen that happen as yet.

  16. We need to get all together sign a petition to get Michael Baisden back on the radio 105.3…he has done sooo much for all people sometimes from his own pocket. Please everyone lets get together sign a petition. Let our voices be heard….It’s not Goodbye but see and hear you soon Michael Baisden…

  17. Mimi cannot replace Michael Baisden. I knew things would change in a bad way once we lost Butter. We have no one to fight to keep good programming on. I like Mimi but not in place of Michael Baisden. Welll I guess I will have to listen via the internet.

  18. That is funny that Baisden talks about the radio stations being about making money first. I have sent Baisden countless E-Mails about a hometown ( Chester,Pa) artist by the name of Avery Sunshine. Baisden, because of Money, would not give her any play at all. She is a great and Interesting artist. Trust me when I tell you she is a lot better than a lot of those B-Side artist he did shove down our throats. So do not whine, because you Baisden are also all about the Doe Stacks

  19. As a long time listener of Philly radio–there used to be a Brother by the name of Kevin Gardner who had a morning show–In the Garden or something like that. His show was very good but he got bumped off. Michael Baisden was just okay- I personally like to hear good music–not a lot of the talk that his show consisted of–a lot of talk, talk and more talk. For real, this is not a big loss because syndicated radio took over and Brothers like him and Tom Joyner have made a lot of money while promoting their own agenda. So, this is not a real big loss-for real.

  20. Thile , Barbara,Charisse & others are right. We were talking about this at work today. Mitt Romney’s company, Bain Capital, owns iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Communications & the whole conservative GOP crew is hard at work trying to sabotage our community as revenge for losing the election. They know the POWER of black radio & how folks like Baisden & Joyner keep our folks informed. Not just black folks either. Boehner ( sp) slacked off on the Sandy relief bill to get back at Gov Christie for praising Obama’s response to the disaster,shaking his hand, & talking about working together to help the people. The current GOP is not what it used to be; moderates not wanted. Just extremists talking about God while stealing the middle class blind. News just said folks making $50k just saw less in their paychecks today due to fiscal cliff & will pay $1000 more in federal taxes this year.

  21. What a joke the voice of the people I’m surprised you lasted this long. Your lost me when you started advertising your sexual desires and crazy immoral life style. If you have 78 affiliated why do we need to write letters this is not about the voice of the people, its about losing a contract , its about money being taking off your table. You had a good run and have made millions. Stop crying over spilled milk .I will admit you did some good but the filth you promoted took away from the message in my eyes.

  22. Since I have a long commute I’ve listened to Michael Baisden for years in both Philly & NY. He is entertaining, enlightening informative and funny! I had stopped listening to DAS in the morning as I think Steve Harvey, (while sometimes entertaining), primarily focuses on Buffoonery. This is what white radio station owners want. “See how ghetto & ignorant they are”, is what they say while Steve and Clear Chanel go to the bank. Don’t believe the hype. Follow Tom Joyner who left DAS for the same reason!!! Listen to WRNB from 3-7 and BOYCOTT WDAS radio station.

  23. Michael baisden is an excellent source of information for our community. He should be on the air as a voice for the people. What good did you do by taking him off the air. We need his input and his voice. Please reconsider and put him back on the air.

  24. I think its messed up but there is more to the story then being told. But I can dig Mimi Brown I liked hearing her back in the day. She’s the original queen of radio GLAD she’s back. Its crazy that all people want to hear is mess craziness and so forth. Mimi brings positivity to Philly.

  25. I stopped listening to Baisden several years ago. Axing him was a good decision made by WDAS. Let’s keep it moving.

  26. i have been out of country for a week and i come back too work and turn on the radio and there was no Michael baisden so i listen for a few more days hopeing that they would say something about his departure from wdas and nothing i miss his topics they were very enlightening for the viewers what a sad day for the radio hang in there michael god will see u though this also

  27. WDAS I am through. I have been a listener for over 40 years. The decision to discontinue the Michael Baisden show for me is a deal breaker.

  28. I think Michael Baisden’s show was entertaining and at time enlightening. However, I think it was too much for one show. I would like to see/hear a 24 hour talk show, such as NPR, that addresses topics that is relevent to black America like Michael’s show initiated . I agree that Steve Harvey’s show is buffonery most of the time and during my morning commute I listen to NPR.

  29. They used to play this boring show everyday at work. By the time Baisden would tell a story it was already old news. I’m glad he’s gone.

  30. Hello Michael, it is business and quite honestly your show got boring, at first you had various persons of interest on, within the last couple of years your playing rerun interview throughout the evening. So there is a market and maybe you time has run its course, remember we had radio way befor you came to Philly

  31. I loved the Michael Baisden Show and am really sorry WDAS has taken the show off the air. As a result I will no longer listen to WDAS. I am removed the station from my home radio, car, both laptops, IPAD and phone. I’m now listening to Michael on
    Magic 95.9 Baltimore. Way to go Michael —- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  32. i believe that the admend rights are always about money not the advancement of gaining knowledge by michael b. or any other personality of a intresting background that will keep the black community informed thks mike

  33. i’m ashame that i live in a city, that refuse to want to inform black people. are you still live in fear of a people. that you still need to keep your foot on one’s neck. as i say early what is it. that we have that , for all these year, you still feel the need to try an stop us at every turn. that you would take a man out of a position, so that you can keep a people struck on stupid. it seem to me that you have’nt learn that you can’t keep a people are a good man down. my bro be peaceful. god will reward you,
    with something big an better. I SIMPLY LOVE MICHAEL BAISDEN AN GEORGE.

  34. bain captial i understand owns clear channel, an if mitt romney is invole.then we know what the power that be. michael did his job for the president,thank you for a job well done. i’m madly in love with you for your stand, an you help so many.they are so upset that they lost, like little childrens,they have to get even, that’s so sad. could’nt handle it. you will raise at wdas or not. i love mimi but she does’nt bring what’s needed god’s blessing always, hugs an kisses for u an george.

  35. Listen up, I am a person of no color….white! iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) (as their name depicts) is undermining, wearing away a base of the foundation of a radio personality who puts the issues of ALL people out their to discuss. I am sickened and angry that Michael’s show was canceled. His topics, his choice of music just drove it home for all, and what ever it takes Michael…..Live the dream… and get back on air. We (white folks) love you, and love what you stand for. Call me your poster child…I’m proud to say I listen to Michael Baisden!!!! love you!

  36. I think the worst comedian in the business brought his show down. I stopped listening after George was brought on. Listening to Michael and all that FORCED laughter at George’s UNFUNNY jokes got to be ridiculous. George is the reason why.

  37. It saddens me to see another voice silenced. Mr. Baisden kept the truth uncovered…we have to stand and make it known, regardless if he is no longer reporting that we as a responsible community will demand the truth…we need to prepare for a better future and support the truth, regardless who delivers it. Now who will cover the Trevonne Martin case this fall? It’s funny don’t you think…the truth needs no legs to stand on…,

  38. Double YAY! Baisden is gone!!! I wish him well, but I am glad that he is not on my local station anymore. Hopefully he’ll go onto to satellite or something. He’s put his time in, and had good ratings–so he deserves to be treated like a radio industry vet..just so happy that I don’t have to hear him on the radio again in my hometown.

  39. Years ago when clear channel took over WDAS, Tom Joyner left immediately. He knew what they were about back then, this is not surprising. Whether you liked Baisden or not, he provided a voice and service to the African-American Community. He was and never will be perfect, but this was obviously a move to silence him.

  40. That’s a darn shame! I was wondering what was going on! Sounds like something those destructive Republicans hand their paws in because they won’t truth and the injustices against Black Americans told! Real stupid move on Philadelphia’s part. It can’t be because of lousy ratings because the man’s show was in the top rating percent! If I was him I wouldn’t even go back to WDAS, I’d shop another station in that area. Which might be hard though because I think that ‘iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)’ company or whatever the name of the radio company has Philadelphia pretty much sewn up and in their back pocket. The radio wars are wild. Here today, gone tomorrow. I wish him luck, his show is really informing to the Afro American community.

  41. some years ago, 2006-7, Michael played a song that may have been called ‘I’m leaving you’. Can any one give me information on this? thank you. It was sung by a female and had a baffled trumpet sounding solo. The bridge was like ‘today is the day…’ or something. I think he said his mother liked it.


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