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Washington D.C. Honors Cathy Hughes By Naming a Street Corner After Her


cathyhughescornerIn 1980 Cathy Hughes bought the AM radio station WOL 1450 on 4th & H Street in Washington D.C. That would set of a trend of events that would later become historical. After the previous employees had destroyed the facility,she faced financial difficulties and subsequently lost her home and moved with her young son to live at the station. Her fortunes began to change when she revamped the R&B station to a 24-hour talk radio format with the theme, “Information is Power.” Hughes served as the stations Morning Show Host for 11 years. That would be the initial birth of what is now Radio One. Cathy Hughes went on to own 70 radio stations in nine major markets in the U.S. In 1999, Radio One became a publicly traded company, listed under the nasdaq stock exchange. As of 2007, Hughes’s son, Alfred Liggins, III, serves as CEO and president of Radio One, and Hughes as chairperson.

Fast forward 35 years later and the place where it all started for Cathy Hughes, 4th & H Street will forever be remembered as Cathy Hughes Corner. Take a look a video to see Cathy Hughes accept the huge honor.

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