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Was Michael Jackson Secretly Burried During Memorial?

michael--neverland .jpg" alt=" width="231" height="231" />I was thinking while watching the tribute. The ’s are brilliant. Michael’s viewing was the day before the tribute at , the casket at the tribute was closed.   What if there was no body in that casket at the and Michael was still at ? With every member of the worldwide press, a majority of the family and billions of people focused on the memorial, it would have been the perfect time to slip Michael’s body out the backdoor of and bury him and it would have been in accordance with Michael’s style. His burial place is shrouded in mystery. What do you think?


  1. There was no body of M.J. in that casket and it was too still in that staple center with all these crazed fans no one ran towards the casket. If he’s really dead well to the millions of “This is It Tour tickets” that was your concert he promised!

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