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Warren Ballentine talks to RFFocus about his Return to Radio


So we got a chance to talk to Warren Ballentine about the charges, reduced sentence and starting over with his radio show.  Here’s what Warren had to say….

KEVIN ROSS: How long have you been on the radio?
WARREN BALLENTINE: I started in radio at iHeart in Chicago I was on every station in the cluster WGCI, V103, 1390am and KISS 103.5 in 2004. Armando Rivera got Lee michaels to look at me and Lee syndicated me through Radio One. Although, it was Elroy Smith who gave me my shot and people like Sam Sylk and Chris Michaels who taught me radio along with a host of others on the GCI staff.

KR: How did you get into radio syndication?

WB: I took over a show the Eric Dyson had that was a flop that’s where Lee Michaels put me and the numbers shot through the roof. I have over 10 years in radio

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  1. So in this interview, he says he was treated this way because he was black… YET he referenced the Duke Lacrosse team & how they were treated guilty from the jump as well? But their… white??? So since this is one (of many) example of how ANY color person can be treated unfairly, can you please stop pullin tha race card every time your treated unfairly?? It’s old dude. The race card has been used so much where it DIDN’T belong, people don’t even pay it any attention anymore. Oh, a cop shoots 1 person & people lose their minds & even lie in some cases (like the “witness” in the Greensboro shooting that was actually in another state!) yet you got people killed NIGHTLY in Durham by “EACH OTHER” & nobody bats an eye. Where is the outrage & marches? Oh that’s right, a white cop didn’t do it so it’s ok. Talk about hypocrisy! And whose lawyer fees are $300 at closing?!?! I know mine damn sure weren’t! You play that clueless role well. And they done it cause of your big name??? I’ve never even heard of you til I just watched you on ABC at 4am crying about Trump’s win. Your not Russ Parr dude. Your not even on FM. Well, I wish you well, just stop pullin tha race card when things aren’t goin your way.

  2. Warren Ballentine got a raw deal…the indictment and the premature loss of his show. I listened to his show regularly in Seattle but lost interest towards the end not because of his indictment but because so much time was spent pushing folks to file bankruptcy. An ad here or there would have been fine but it was more of a hard sell targeting the black community like predatory lenders. I certainly don’t miss any of that but I do wish him well.

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