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Warner Chappell Music Publishing Strikes Deal with PopArabia

Warner ChappellYou remember when it was a popular slogan in music to say, “Peace in the Middle East” back in the day. If don’t that is fine because that was really a rhetorical question.  Back then you would not even think of the Middle East in regard to music production and song creation.  That is not to say it wasn’t happening but we were not exposed to it.  Now with the growing development of the region in regard to music, many of the majors are making their push in the region.  The latest music publisher to make a play at the region is Warner/Chappell.

PopArabia, a music publisher and rights consultancy serving the Middle East, now represents the four major music publishers, having recently secured a deal with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing.

The Warner/Chappell arrangement follows previous deals with Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, that allow PopArabia – twofour54 portfolio company – to promote and enable legitimate and legal use of their music in the region.

PopArabia’s founder, Hussain Yoosuf (A.K.A. ‘Spek’) commented: “As a young songwriter, who had just moved from Canada to the UK in 1997, Warner Chappell signed me and helped me to develop my career in this industry. It was a life-defining chapter in my career, so it feels like I’ve come full circle to see PopArabia sign this deal with a view to similarly supporting other songwriters in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.”

PopArabia represents contemporary chart hits of all genres, styles, languages and eras. It connects the dots between those in the MENA region seeking access to the world’s finest music and international music stakeholders seeking opportunities in the Arab world. PopArabia also acts as consultants to digital services, rights organisations, content owners and platforms seeking to simplify music rights licensing in the region.

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