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V103 DJ Infamous’ Atlanta Home Flooded, Welcomes New Baby (pic)

infamousYou know this is part of the reason why I’m trying to get as many people to join RFSN as possible. There is no doubt that Atlanta has a VERY poor drainage system which was evident when I lived there, however, I have never seen floods this bad. I had boxes over a friend’s house when I moved that I found out have been damaged. I had photo albums and electronic equipment in those boxes… I hope the damage is not that severe. I’m SO glad to be out of Atlanta. Help this brotha out if you can…Kev

Home of of .3FM & Fiance, model-client Ashanta Mickles were impacted by the FLOOD in ATL this week while celebrating birth of their newborn! The baby boy named James is fine but the home is damaged and underwater – photos enclosed. If you’re able to support please reply and we’ll send you Bank of America Account Number under Calvin Donald. Best Wishes to Entire Family! [email protected]



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