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V103 Summer Block Party Epitomizes Summertime Chi in All its Glory (Updated New PICS)

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IMG_4456What do you know about the sun setting on Lake Michigan with the infamous skyline providing the ultimate backdrop? What do you know about linen pants, halter tops, retro Jordans, rompers, sundresses, loafers, form-fitting jeggings, timbs,  spaghetti strapped tops, and fitted caps? What do you know about the distinguishing smell and taste of barbecue sauce versus extra mild sauce on your chicken and fries? What do you know about the soulful blend of house music, 90’s r&B, and golden era hip-hop bangin’ out your speakers while inducing anyone in listening distance to move unconsciously as if they are possessed by the rhythm?

These aforementioned questions define the very essence of what is known to many or should I say the Chosen Few as “Summertime Chi.” Who better to capture this feeling than Chicago’s own V103 as they played host to one of the dopest parties of the summer. Between the hours of 6pm to approximately midnight, Chicago’s First Merit Bank Pavilion located on the beautiful peninsula of Northerly Island served as the perfect outdoor venue to host the talents of , , , , and the V-103 crew.

Although the temperature outside was a brisk 69 degrees, the heat index from the artists, hosts, and crowd was on full blaze. With V103 personalities Ramonski Luv, Joe Soto, Chris Michaels, and Bioncé Foxx serving as a masterful quartet of master of ceremonies, while Maurice “Ice” Culpepper and DJ Phantom held it down on the 1’s and 2’s, the party was already lit before the artists even had to step foot on the stage..

IMG_4392Speaking of the stage, it served as the ultimate playground for Jazmine Sullivan to provide that rare Philly soul for the Chitown crowd to vibe out to. With that voice it was quite obvious she isn’t scared of “Lions, Tigers, & Bears” and she might just “Bust Your Windows” out your  car.  By the end of her set, I will just say, “Call me crazy, but I think I found the love of life, that’s right,” as I’m sure many people were feeling warm on a cold cold night, as the lyrics suggest.  For the record, it wasn’t that cold as the beers flowed and the wine filled carafes only added to the great spirits that resonated throughout the crowd.

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