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Urban Radio Won’t Touch This BUT…Woman and Chimp: A Love Story?

I know this is not the kind of stuff that urban radio touches but after reading the story of  Travis the Chimp and his “unusual” relationship with his lonely owner, something in the milk is not clean. She fed that thing human gourmet food, including them having dinner together during the week and having romantic dinners with wine in tall stem glasses… what in de fook?…She dressed him in human clothes and her and the monkey watched movies together during the weekends on the couch. To summarize all this insanity… she admitted to “cuddling up in the bed with the thing at night.” I don’t know if you took math in school but it’s pretty easy to add this up… I think that woman, Sandra Herold, was lettin’ that Gorilla hit it… (laugh) Don’t hate me cause I’m honest, there is a lot more to this story… that’s why he went and attacked her friend. Lyme disease my ass… that Monkey had Mine disease and he was protecting his woman.. The mainstream press can cover it up like it was innocent if they want but they are not telllin’ the whole story.

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