I have to give it to urban syndicated radio stations for this election. Giving up the usual brainless subject matter of relationship advice and baby daddy/baby mama drama for a few months to entertain and challenge our collective black intellect for what really matters. Urban syndicated radio played a HUGE part in Obama’s success as it utilized collective airwaves to spread one universal message. Micheal Baisden, Al Sharpton, Rickey Smiley and Tom Joyner hand led this campaign with straight A pluses. Steve Harvey was not as competitive and I’m a bit disappointed in his show but overall, I was VERY impressed with the subject matter, the advice, the intellectual upgrade and the follow through on all or at least most of these shows to create and /or enhance hardcore support for our new President Barack Obama. We used the airwaves to correct myths, explain procedures and create massive drives. KUDOS to urban radio . I don’t dislike you as much any more for stealing jobs from real radio people (laugh)

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  1. I want to also give props to the Foxxhole (Jamie Foxx’s channel on Sirius) for its support of the Obama campaign!

  2. I must agree but disagree. Steve Harvey did do an incredible job of voter awarness and getting the message out, not to mention the numerous amounts of times that mr Obama called in or Hiliary called in show her support of our Newly elected Pres. Otherwise I agree.

  3. Real Radio people did this in Los Angeles:
    Voter Registration: KJLH registered nearly three thousand voters.

    Interns sworn in as official LA County Deputy Voter Registrars,

    complete voter info on station website.

    day long election watch parties from Roscoe’s (Guy Black Show)

    Magic Johnson TGI Fridays(Kevin Nash 10-3; Lon McQ 3-7; Tammi Mac 7-mid)

    It was off the hook in our community as KJLH again leads the way in informing and touching our community….

    Syndication? yeah, they’re ok, but over here, we are live and local!!

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