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Urban Radio is WHAT?

After RFFocus broke the news about Philly and one of our loyal RFFocus readers Kashon Powell rising to receive PD stripes, the urban industry remains very quiet. My thoughts you ask? The holidays, urban is really hung up on the giveaways, drives, feeding the hungry etc, or should I say feeding the Radio One employees (whew, really I kill me)… too many changes right now would really fook that up and someone would go without a meal. No radio company, yes, not even Radio One wants to look bad for firing employees before the yuletide seasons but I can promise you there will be news right after Jan 1. sent me into shock today when she told me many AC stations will start playing Christmas music right after Halloween. After working in LA on just about every Christmas doing six hour shifts for more than 10 years on the air, I could personally kick each one of the Temptations in the ass for singing a total of 9,466 times.

PPM, seems to have on the edge and whatever the outcome is, there’s going to be complaints from either side now. If Urban radio makes progressive strides then CHR stations are going to start complaining… … in addition, how Arbitron can function with all those damn lawsuits, accusations and scrutiny from the media as well as several organizations is amazing. I get all their press releases and I don’t run them all, cause you don’t read it, but I don’t see how they do it….. LAWD

The Election… is going to get ugly and I was talking to Elroy about this a few days ago.. the Republicans can pull another George-Bush-lost-but-still-won-this-election stunt again but the outcome would not be pretty, I really think you would see some nationwide type fookage take place all over again. Can’t we all get along?

Finally the economy… sure gas prices have declined and I’m surprised the McCain/Palin ticket have not found a way to take credit for that. Speaking of which, why are they not appearing on shows that would ask the real questions? Well, I know why. Palin had be to humiliated in front of her kids after getting booed at that hockey game where they blasted the music to drown out the jeers. If she becomes VP, and McCain wins, (legitimately) I’m moving to (laugh)..

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