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Updates and Corrections for this week

18updateBeing the expert that I am still leaves room for improvement… damn. Why can’t I ALWAYS be right? Oh Well. Let’s start with I heard from Citadel heads who informed me that Michael Baisden is actually from Chicago, even though I said Detroit. In all honesty I guess if I really cared I would have gotten it right but it’s good to know anyway in case it ever comes up again. I just know he better start writing some more books and get his name back out there (see how I’m wrong for getting the information incorrect but I’m trying to shift it?) Also, he was picked up by another Detroit station Power 105.9 which is a King/Queen of Syndication radio owned outlet… Radio One.   So he is back in the market…(yawn)

We are hearing reports that AJ Jewell refused medical treatment and that when he left the care of medical professionals he was alive. This is allegedly why a complete autopsy has to be performed to see if his Sickle Cell Anemia may have contributed. By the looks of the other guy, it did look like AJ got the best of him (sans seeing pictures of AJ).

Finally, yesterday I posted a video about the girl who got the Swine Flu shot who ended up with Brain Damage. She actually got a stand ard Flu Shot seeing that was enough to make me not get one. Who really knows what that really is