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UNSUNG REVIEW: Shelia E, Premieres Feb 27

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 width=There certainly isn’t one black celebrity that we know everything about. The incredibly beautiful Shelia Escovedo was once viewed as a Prince protege` but in reality, she was much more than that. The legendary percussionist admits during this segment that her relationship with Prince was more than professional after he hired her away from touring with George Duke. “We didn’t want to fall in love,” she stated concerning her relationship with Prince…”but we did.” Shelia admits and her sexy image, contrary to popular belief, was not Prince’s idea but her own. Her father, Pete Escovedo, an established and respected musician himself admits he did not like the direction that Shelia was going in at her peak. Shelia always “appeared” to be so sweet and innocent but this show dispels that theory, ironically by Shelia herself who readily admits she was anything but sweet. She states she really got carried away and treated people like shit during her tenure and her brother readily agrees. To that end she makes an apology and admits that she is still apologizing for her transgressions during the historic chart-topping Prince period. Shelia suffered from an illness that actually left her paralyzed for a while forcing her to learn to walk all over again. One can only imagine how hard that must have been for a celebrity sex symbol but she apparently made it through the storm. Shelia still looks stunning for   a woman in her mid 50s and we’ll save the rest of the details for later. Be sure to catch the remainder of the show February 27.