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UNSUNG REVIEW: Ray Parker Jr. Premieres Feb 13

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 width=I had no idea had such a rich history as a guitar player in the industry. I had no idea he played on ’s biggest hit”Got to Be Real” or that he played for , and many others. Ray admits he knew he was not a singer which was why he turned down a solo deal that offered him on and opted to almost instantly form a group to hide his limited vocal ability. So Raydio was born. They were basically session singers who were paid a mere $500 a week but when the albums hit they wanted more which seems to perplex Ray???? So he got rid of most of the original members and formed a NEW version of Raydio by the second album. Since Ray was the source behind the and the writing he maintained one of the singers from the . Ironically, nobody seemed to notice the change. Ray describes how he was ripped off by two for a huge hit song that he helped write for Leo Sayer “You Make me Feel Like Dancing” which has Ray Parker Jr written all over it but he was not given any credit. He admits he was very bitter about that for quite some time but he got his poetic justice years later (they talk about it in the show) without suing the perpetrators.