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Unsung Review: Teddy Pendergrass



Once again another tragic/ in the history of R&B music. I have to admit there was not much I didn’t know about in Unsung’s story of insanely jealous of ’s star was starting to fade. At the time, his only real competition was Peabo Bryson, another stellar singer whom Teddy still out-shined.   Before his accident in 1982, he was doing everything from negotiating movie deals to testing a possible worldwide tour but it all came to a (no pun intended) crashing end. In addition from the late 70s through the early he had 5 albums in a row. He was extravagant with his spending to the point that the accident left him in deep debt coupled, understandably, with major depression at his career loss.   He was forced to sell his 32 room mansion that he purchased from talk . There is no mention of the that was found in the car or the rumor that a player’s wife was also in the car but was whisked away before the police came to avoid a scandal.

Several people, including Ted’s son, who is featured in the presentation, point out that Teddy could often be extremely arrogant and curt and he had often treated people very harshly but they say he had a good side too. There’s a lot I have intentionally left out so that you can get more out from the show. Once again, I have to say thanks to One for presenting this much-needed series.

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