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Universal Music to Rock Boston at EuraMedia 2012 With Newest Hottest Russian Artists, US Stars in Universal Catalogue


rihanna   Music to Rock Boston at EuraMedia 2012 With Newest Hottest Russian Artists, in Universal Catalogue

MOSCOW, May 20, 2012 Universal Music announced today that it will be sponsoring the EuraMedia 2012 Summit, where its Director, Dmitry Konnov, has been nominated for a key prize at the Innovators and Legends of Russian Media and Entertainment Awards Banquet and Charity Fundraiser, hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and the eFashion and eLifestyle After-Party. Konnov has confirmed dance music crossover artist Roma Genga for the latter and is choosing with EuraMedia between Russia’s top rock band Nochnie Snaiperi (Night Assassins), Vladmir Ashkenazy, Alsou, and Dmitry Khorostovsky for the banquet, where they will perform alongside top US . Universal Music Russia is Russia’s largest music group in the country. The company distributes the work of US and other international music , including Akon, , Lady Gaga, Rihanna, , and The Scorpions, whose “Winds of Change” has become the impromptu EuraMedia theme song, and nearly one-hundred others, whose EuraMedia is confirming. Universal traditionally used such methods such as DVDs and CDs to distribute. Since 2006, however, it has been focused on developing streaming media for new age distribution via various schematics including monthly bulk purchase payments and individual music downloads. In particular, they’ve created the popular portal muz.ru, where Russians are invited to listed to all music of charge and simply pay for downloads of their . Roma Kenga, who will be one of several artists to keep the eFashion and eLifestyle After-Party alive, is famous for Russian and crossover club hits like Summer Night City, Samolety, Visoko and Everybody Dance. Last year, Summer Night City climbed to 18th place on the US Billboard charts, where it stayed for several weeks. Roma Kenga will perform at the eFashion and eLifestyle After-Party. “I think that such events are really indispensable for the Russian music and media markets to grow and become powerful. The demand for diversified content is constantly increasing in our country”, said Director Dmitry Konnov, who will also be a speaker on monetization of streaming muisc at the Summit. “Russian artists are producing a lot of unique products, needed at West. Considering these trends, we are happy to have an opportunity to work at the Summit, as it opens for us new possibilities.”

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