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Universal Music Releasing Remastered Grace Jones 1981 LP ‘Nightclubbing’


Album released on April 28 internationally (April 29 in US) is re-mastered for first time and available in variety of formats

NightclubbingGrace Jones’ fifth studio album, was released in May 1981 and with its nine tracks including club and chart smash “Pull Up To The Bumper”, it was an immediate hit, with positive reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Grace’s seminal album is to be re-released by USM and Island (internationally) on April 28, in a wide variety of formats.

The album is re-mastered for the very first time available on 1 CD, 2 CD Deluxe Edition, 2 LP 180g Deluxe Edition, Blu Ray audio and Digital formats. The 1CD will feature the original album, the 2CD will be original album, plus 12” mixes, B-sides, and two unreleased tracks. One of which is a cover of an early Gary Numan and Tubeway Army track “Me! I Disconnect From You.”

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