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Universal Music Publishing Group Selects Moodagent For Music Tagging


When working toward the placement of music in advertising, films, TV and games (aka synchronization), being able to find the right songs for customer needs is a key business strength.

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), a global leader in music publishing, has taken the next step to index their large music catalog with precise, coherent and automated tagging delivered by the Danish company Moodagent.

“We are pleased to be working with Moodagent, who have developed an impressive technology which we believe will work well with our diverse catalog,” says Michael J. Sammis, EVP of Operations and CFO for UMPG. “Our goal in this area is to ensure that the UMPG catalog is accurately indexed and categorized so we can provide better, faster service to our customers.”

“This system enables our clients and internal staff to find the right music quickly by using natural keywords such as mood or genre,” says Tom Eaton, VP of Music for Advertising at UMPG, and continues: “With this solution we ensure that all newly added tracks are analyzed and indexed immediately, and that the tags are accurate and consistent. We’re confident that this addition to our systems will make our work processes smoother, strengthen our business and help stimulate all parts of our catalog.”

Moodagent is renowned for its accuracy in automated music analysis, playlisting, recommendations and music navigation. Millions of music fans are using Moodagent mobile apps and the highly acclaimed Moodagent app in Spotify every day. The secret behind the success lies in a sophisticated music analysis, which enables Moodagent to capture all the inherent musical and emotional characteristics from each individual recording. Moodagent is built upon a combination of acoustic analysis, artificial intelligence and human musicology, which means that the system is trained to understand music in a truly human way.

The creative metadata that Moodagent captures is invaluable for anyone who administers large collections of recorded music, and UMPG is the latest major player to benefit from integrating Moodagent into their workflow.

“The quality of the information we’re able to extract with the Moodagent technology is unrivalled in the market today,” says Peter Berg Steffensen, CEO of Moodagent. “We’re very excited and proud that one of the world’s leading music publishers has recognized the benefits of using Moodagent to empower search and discovery. Accurate and consistent track level metadata is essential for the synch licensing business, and with our assistance, UMPG can build new powerful tools to strengthen their position as a global industry leader.”

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