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Tyrese’s Sentiments about “White” Radio are Echoes from Generations of Black Artists Before Him

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KUDOS  to Tyrese Gibson for having a public conversation about what has always been discussed privately in the industry for decades. I can guarantee you that no other industry trade will touch this issue with a 10-foot-pole.

The music industry, as big as it seems is actually very small and has always been very segregated. Every player has their lane and radio operates by formats: Urban, Urban Mainstream, CHR, Rhythmic, Mainstream, Country and more.  Black artists have repeatedly complained about not getting airplay on pop radio as well as black radio programmers and black radio DJs who are often overlooked for programming and on-air positions at pop radio stations as well. Black culture on several pop stations has always been emulated by other races instead of hiring actual black talent. When a black artist is independent and gets a full-scale glimpse of how radio really works they come to understand that it is not always a level playing field.

Tyrese has been in the game long enough to know who the power players are. I’m rather surprised he’s reaching out to Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran about playing his latest song “Shame.”  Ryan Seacrest is a Syndicated Host And Television Producer whose focus on the music played on his shows is probably very limited. Elvis Duran has the monumental task of carrying a morning show in the number one market of New York. Neither is in a position to add or play records but they certainly have influence and can talk to the program directors of their respective stations.

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  1. There are certain black artists CHR feel comfortable playing..Tyrese is not one of them ..Luther Vandross wasn’t one of them…Jaheim isn’t one of them…you gotta have a bubblegum (if i can use that term) sound…let’s admit it the CHR stations will continue to be choosey when it comes to black artists.. will this kind of action change? I don’t think so it hasn’t change in my 50 years in this business….the music and radio business is still a business where if you’re black get back…my question is why does black radio fall head over heels with Sam Smith his music shouldn’t be on black radio……no inspiration to me at all……

  2. How is it possible that urban radio plays Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith when they release R B soul records and when we’re singing in the EXACT same genre, WE don’t get ANY love on the other side .

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